Hats For the Homeless

Start a new Holiday Tradition and crochet and donate to the Charity: Hats for the Homeless.  You can crochet handmade hats, scarves and gloves to be distributed to the Homeless of NYC.

Hats for the Homeless was created to honor the memory of a generous soul who with his friends, collected and distributed necessary items like hats, gloves and scarves to the homeless living on the streets in New York City. After he passed away suddenly in 1998, Hats for the Homeless was set up and has continued to provide these necessary winter items to the Homeless annually, the weekend before Christmas at St. Francis Xavier’s Soup Kitchen on West 15th Street in NYC.

Hats for the Homeless - Charity Crochet

Hats For the Homeless

His friends and family are carrying on this tradition and you can help in a few different ways. You can either crochet (or knit) a hat, scarf or set of mittens or gloves yourself and mail them directly to the address available on their site HERE:

Hats for the Homeless

Or you can request a Holiday Poster from them to be sent to you and you can attach it to any size box you wrap in Christmas paper. Then you choose the location you prefer and set it out at your local Church, Business or Community Center before asking your coworkers, friends and Congregation to help you crochet Hats for the Homeless too. Once your box is full, you can send the box to them at the mailing address above.  Request your poster here: Hats For The Homeless

Find out more about Hats For The Homeless on the Website.


Foster Care To Success – Red Scarf Project

Recipients: Young Adults who are transitioning from Childhood in Foster Care (as permanent wards) into college and adulthood.

Donations Of: Red Scarves

Foster Care to Success - Charity Crochet - Red Scarf Project

Foster Care to Success – Red Scarf Project

Since 1981, Foster Care to Success has been helping young adults transition from childhood in foster care (as permanent wards) into college and adulthood successfully. For more than ten years, Foster Care to Success has worked with crocheters and knitters to send handmade care packages to college students through the Red Scarf Project.

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The Red Scarf Project has delivered over 25,000 red scarves to students as part of Valentine’s Day Care packages. Each year, Foster Care to Success accepts donations of handmade red scarves from September 1 through December 15 only.

Foster Care to Success asks for scarves that are at least 60” (152 cm) long and between 5” (13 cm) and 8” (20 cm) wide. Scarves must be predominantly red (in keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme), but they can include other colors, too. The scarves should have a unisex style and can include fringes. Yarn tails should be securely woven in, and, although Foster Care to Success doesn’t mention it, I would recommend a machine washable yarn since some college students are still coming to grips with laundry.

Foster Care to Success also recommends that you include a tag or a personal note, and messages of encouragement and gift cards are always welcome. And, of course, the scarf must be delivered by the December 15 deadline.

You can find shipping instructions and several free knitting patterns on the Red Scarf Project page.

Learn more information about Foster Care to Success on their Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Bridge and Beyond

Bridge and Beyond is dedicated to helping homeless adults, families living in shelters and other individuals in need in the Central Ohio area.

Bridge and Beyond - Charity Crochet

Bridge and Beyond

They accept donations of handmade hats, scarves, slippers, mittens, blankets, blanket squares and cotton washcloths.

Specific suggestions have been provided for each possible donation item, including colors to avoid and the types of yarn you should use (i.e. acrylic or washable wool) for your donation items.

Sizes have also been provided and links to free patterns you can use to make these items.

For more information, please visit Bridge and Beyond at their website.