Feel Better Friends

The Feel Better Friends Project is an official non-profit organization. Feel Better Friends are handcrafted dolls made by volunteers worldwide for children who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

Feel Better Friends - Charity Crochet

Feel Better Friends

These dolls are handmade to resemble each child they are being crafted for. You can learn more about Volunteering and access the doll and wig patterns HERE.

Recipients: Children battling Cancer and other Illnesses.

Donations of: Handmade Dolls

The Dolls are made to resemble a child who is dealing with a traumatic health event. They are designed with the same hair and eye color as the child who will be receiving the doll.

4 Countries (USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Holland) are involved in this Charity at this time.

Facebook Volunteers In Training Group

Not on Facebook? Read this post for the information you need.

Find Feel Better Friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Ravelry.


Crochet For Cancer

Crochet for Cancer is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who crochet and donate chemo caps to cancer centers.
Crochet For Cancer - Charity Crochet

Crochet For Cancer

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These chemo caps are distributed to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss.
This organization has chapters in the United States, Canada, and  Australia.
They accept donations of handmade chemo caps for children and adults.
Please view their Donation Guidelines before beginning work on your projects.
Free Chemo Cap patterns are available on their site HERE and they also have a helpful hat size chart available HERE. Please make the items in soft fibers such as cotton, or soft acrylic yarns.
Some other donations ideas: sewn cloth turbans, crochet teddy bears, crochet prosthetic breasts, scarves, prayer shawls, lap blankets, gloves, socks, etc.
If you would like to donate something specific please contact the Chapter you plan on making the donation to make sure it is something they will be able to distribute.
Restrictions: No Wool.

For more information about Crochet for Cancer please visit their Website.

CLICK for Babies

The CLICK for Babies campaign was created to promote awareness for the Period of PURPLE Crying all infants go through. It helps by educating parents on how to respond to prolonged crying and how important it is NOT to shake your baby (SBS – Shaken Baby Syndrome).

CLICK for Babies - Charity Crochet - Purple Hats

 CLICK for Babies

Recipients: Local Campaigns in the U.S. and Canada

Donations of: Purple Baby Caps

  • New, Clean, Soft-to-touch (not Value Yarns which are scratchy to touch) washable yarns.
  • Please make warm hats (not open / large stitches) with tiny stitches.
  • Size Must be: 13 – 15 inches and 4 to 6 inches in height as these hats are to be worn by 1-2 day old infants.
  • Must be at least 50% purple and unisex.
  • No embellishments (do not add buttons, pom poms, ties, straps, ribbons, bows, etc.)CLICK for Babies PURPLE

Review and Free Pattern Link

For more information about CLICK for Babies, please visit their Website.


Care Wear

“Care Wear is a nationwide group of volunteers who knit, crochet, and/or sew, providing handmade baby items directly to hospitals. All Care Wear items are distributed by hospital staff  [FREE] to infants, children and their parents.”

Care Wear - Charity Crochet

Care Wear

Although Care Ware initially focused on providing items for premature infants they also accept items for larger preemies, full-term babies, children and geriatric patients.

They have indicated that most hospitals also welcome small blankets and quilts sized 30 inches by 30 inches.

You can find specific suggestions (colors) and restrictions (types of yarn and washing instructions) in the Join Section.

You can also find patterns for some of the items on their site HERE.

A list of participating hospitals and their donation wishes can be found HERE.

For more information about Care Wear, please visit their website.