Halos for Hope – Chemo Caps

Halos of Hope volunteers distribute crocheted, knitted, and sewn caps to over 450 cancer centers each month. By working with local yarn shops, crochet and knitting guilds, community groups, and the annual STITCHES events, Halos of Hope is able to extend their reach.

Halos for Hope - Charity Crochet - Chemo Caps

Halos for Hope

The best “chemo caps” are made with love using soft yarn with minimal seaming. Remember that patients will have very sensitive scalps. Chemotherapy has a strong impact on the immune system, so patients will often machine wash and dry anything worn in treatment to remove germs. For all of these reasons, extra care must be taken when choosing yarns. Softness is the most important factor, followed by ease of care.

Recipients: Cancer Treatment Centers across the 40 States

Donations of: Crocheted / Knitted hats

How to Donate

Please see a current listing of Free Chemo Cap Patterns for Halos for Hope HERE

To donate, you can send hats to the Halos of Hope office in Arizona, or use their Find a Center search to find a cancer treatment center in the U.S. that accepts donations.

Learn more about Halos For Hope on their Website.

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