Feel Better Friends

The Feel Better Friends Project is an official non-profit organization. Feel Better Friends are handcrafted dolls made by volunteers worldwide for children who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

Feel Better Friends - Charity Crochet

Feel Better Friends

These dolls are handmade to resemble each child they are being crafted for. You can learn more about Volunteering and access the doll and wig patterns HERE.

Recipients: Children battling Cancer and other Illnesses.

Donations of: Handmade Dolls

The Dolls are made to resemble a child who is dealing with a traumatic health event. They are designed with the same hair and eye color as the child who will be receiving the doll.

4 Countries (USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Holland) are involved in this Charity at this time.

Facebook Volunteers In Training Group

Not on Facebook? Read this post for the information you need.

Find Feel Better Friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Ravelry.

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