Binky Patrol

Binky Patrol is a national non-profit organization of volunteers who create, collect and distribute handmade blankets to children (from birth to age 18) who are ill, abused, or suffering from trauma.Binky Patrol - Charity Crochet

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Binky Patrol

Blankets of all designs are accepted. Blankets must be soft, washable and at least 3-feet square. Please be sure to remove all pins before donating your blankets.

You can find a local chapter to donate to with their drop down list of official Binky Patrol Chapters.
If there is no local chapter you may also donate to theirl Headquarters at one of the two addresses listed HERE.
You may also be interested in their Kid Friendly Projects and their link for Free Patterns and Resources.

For more information about Binky Patrol, please visit their website.

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