Head Huggers – Chemo Caps

Sue organized Head Huggers to collect and distribute soft hats and chemo caps to patients experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy. Since the inception of her Charity in 2001 she has been able to distribute more than 6000 caps to those in need at oncology offices and chemotherapy sites, in more than 19 States.

Head Huggers - Charity Crochet

Head Huggers

She is still collecting and distributing hats and has also started Satellite Head Hugger Groups around the Country to help with the collection and distribution process. You can check for a local Head Hugger Group here: Satellite Head Hugger Groups List. Or, if you would like to start your own Satellite Head Hugger Group to help with the collection and distribution of these hats in your own local area, you can contact Sue here: Forming Satellite Head Hugger Groups.

To find out what type of hats Head Huggers accepts please read there Submission Guidelines. With each hat you submit you are asked to complete and attach the following information: Chemo Cap Submission Form.  Head Huggers has a great list of free patterns available for you to crochet, knit or sew to make Chemo Caps, or hats for those who are experiencing hair loss due to burn wounds, brain surgery or other reasons. Check out their links here: Head Huggers Links

For more information about Head Huggers, please visit their Website.


Hats For the Homeless

Start a new Holiday Tradition and crochet and donate to the Charity: Hats for the Homeless.  You can crochet handmade hats, scarves and gloves to be distributed to the Homeless of NYC.

Hats for the Homeless was created to honor the memory of a generous soul who with his friends, collected and distributed necessary items like hats, gloves and scarves to the homeless living on the streets in New York City. After he passed away suddenly in 1998, Hats for the Homeless was set up and has continued to provide these necessary winter items to the Homeless annually, the weekend before Christmas at St. Francis Xavier’s Soup Kitchen on West 15th Street in NYC.

Hats for the Homeless - Charity Crochet

Hats For the Homeless

His friends and family are carrying on this tradition and you can help in a few different ways. You can either crochet (or knit) a hat, scarf or set of mittens or gloves yourself and mail them directly to the address available on their site HERE:

Hats for the Homeless

Or you can request a Holiday Poster from them to be sent to you and you can attach it to any size box you wrap in Christmas paper. Then you choose the location you prefer and set it out at your local Church, Business or Community Center before asking your coworkers, friends and Congregation to help you crochet Hats for the Homeless too. Once your box is full, you can send the box to them at the mailing address above.  Request your poster here: Hats For The Homeless

Find out more about Hats For The Homeless on the Website.

Free Patterns

Comfort Scarves – Glittery Accent Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet this pretty, skinny scarf and donate it to Handmade Especially for You! The Glittery Accent Scarf was designed by Marie Segares and contributed as a Guest Post for a Monthly Charity Spotlight on Oombawka Design Crochet blog. This is a free pattern.


Glittery Accent Scarf

Designed by: Marie Segares (Underground Crafter)
Yarn: approximately 155 yds (142 m) in any super bulky weight yarn and approximately 168 yds (154 m) in any fine weight sequin yarn.
Hook: US Size L-11 (8 mm)
Finished Size: Adult: 4″ (10 cm) wide by 60″ (152.5 cm) long
Get the free pattern right HERE:  Glittery Accent Scarf

The scarves collected by Handmade Especially for You aren’t designed for warmth, but rather for comfort and a bit of flair! Central and Southern California are warm for much of the year, so skinny scarves with open stitches work the best. The recommended size is 4″ (10 cm) to 4.5″ (11.5 cm) by at least 60″ (152.5 cm) long.

To bring a bit of cheer, Handmade Especially for You recommends that you combine a novelty yarn – like a metallic, sequin, or faux fur yarn – with a standard yarn to make a fashionable, accent scarf. Similarly, to keep these festive, they recommend using bright or happy colors.

Find our other free patterns for Comfort Scarves here.


Hat Box Foundation – Crocheted Hats

The Hat Box Foundation was established in 2007 as a volunteer-based, non-profit organisation to donate free hand-made knit and crocheted hats to cancer patients and those in need.

Hat Box Foundation - Crocheted Hats - Charity Crochet

Hat Box Foundation – Crocheted Hats


Recipients: People with cancer or, others in need across the United States.

Donations:  Hand knit or hand crocheted hats.

They do not accept loomed hats.

Pattern and Resource Links

Please ensure the hats you make are sized to fit and reach the base of the ears and nape of the neck.

They always accept hats for men, women, boys and girls, but they are currently in need of more hats for women.

Hats for children should be at least 18″ in circumference; hats for teens and adults should be at least 22″ in circumference.

They request that loomed hats not be donated.

For links to patterns you can use for this purpose please visit their Helpful Links Page.

Finished hats can be sent to the address at the following link:

Hat Box Foundation

Once received, the hats will be packaged and distributed to individual recipients and hospitals.

Learn more about the Hat Box Foundation on their Website | Facebook | Twitter


Handmade Especially For You

A silent problem in many communities is domestic violence, also known as relationship abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than ten million people are abused physically by an intimate partner each year, and 20% of women have been hurt by severe physical violence by a partner in their lifetime.

There’s a strong relationship between domestic violence and homelessness, and Handmade Especially for You has decided to take a handmade approach to helping women living in domestic violence shelters.

Handmade Especially For You - Comfort Scarves - CharityCrochet

Handmade Especially For You

Crochet one of these Comfort Scarves 

Handmade Especially for You has been providing comfort scarves to women who have survived domestic violence and who are living in shelters in Central and Southern California since 2008. Last year, they distributed 11,000 scarves along with 1,100 hats for children to over 50 shelters. That’s a lot of scarves, and they’ll need even more to meet their 2016 goals.

The scarves collected by Handmade Especially for You aren’t designed for warmth, but rather for comfort and a bit of flair! Central and Southern California are warm for much of the year, so skinny scarves with open stitches work the best. The recommended size is 4″ (10 cm) to 4.5″ (11.5 cm) by at least 60″ (152.5 cm) long.

To bring a bit of cheer, Handmade Especially for You recommends that you combine a novelty yarn – like a metallic, sequin, or faux fur yarn – with a standard yarn to make a fashionable, accent scarf. Similarly, to keep these festive, they recommend using bright or happy colors.

You can find more details on the Handmade Especially for You website, including why you should donate and free crochet patterns for comfort scarves. Scarf donations can be mailed to the address listed on the website with a note of encouragement for the recipient.

Learn more about Handmade Especially For You on their Website | Blog


Halos for Hope – Chemo Caps

Halos of Hope volunteers distribute crocheted, knitted, and sewn caps to over 450 cancer centers each month. By working with local yarn shops, crochet and knitting guilds, community groups, and the annual STITCHES events, Halos of Hope is able to extend their reach.

Halos for Hope - Charity Crochet - Chemo Caps

Halos for Hope

The best “chemo caps” are made with love using soft yarn with minimal seaming. Remember that patients will have very sensitive scalps. Chemotherapy has a strong impact on the immune system, so patients will often machine wash and dry anything worn in treatment to remove germs. For all of these reasons, extra care must be taken when choosing yarns. Softness is the most important factor, followed by ease of care.

Recipients: Cancer Treatment Centers across the 40 States

Donations of: Crocheted / Knitted hats

How to Donate

Please see a current listing of Free Chemo Cap Patterns for Halos for Hope HERE

To donate, you can send hats to the Halos of Hope office in Arizona, or use their Find a Center search to find a cancer treatment center in the U.S. that accepts donations.

Learn more about Halos For Hope on their Website.


Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation

Recipients: Neighbors on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.

Donations of: Crochet, Knit or Sewn Handmade Items

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation - Charity Crochet

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation

One website has served as a hub for people around the world who want to support the Pine Ridge community for over ten years. Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation keeps track of the needs of the various community organizations in Pine Ridge and shares those needs with the rest of the world.

Perhaps because their own traditions regard the handicrafts in high regard, many of these organizations accept handmade donations. You can find links to crochet, knitting, and sewing patterns for the types of projects often needed in Pine Ridge on the Craft for Pine Ridge page of the website.

Find Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation on their Website | BlogTwitter | Pinterest | Yahoo Group


Frederick Rescue Mission

The Frederick Rescue Mission located in Frederick, MD, is always in need of donated clothing items that can keep individuals warm during the colder months. They accept clothing for all ages but there is a greater demand for men’s clothing.

Recipients: Homeless and Addicted Individuals

Donations of: Warm Hats, Scarves and Mittens

Frederick Rescue Mission - Charity Crochet

Frederick Rescue Mission

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“Established as a non-profit Christian ministry in 1964, we exist to meet the needs of hurting and broken people while inviting them into the abundant life Christ offers to all. We offer a life recovery program and believe every man that enters with a heart surrendered to God and a cooperative attitude should never have to see a prison, jail, homeless shelter, rehab center or rescue mission again.” – Frederick Rescue Mission

Crocheters and knitters can help by providing warm hats, scarves, and/or mittens to those in need.

If the Frederick Rescue Mission is not a local organization for you, you can look in your own community to find an organization which provides overnight shelter to the homeless community.

If this Charity is not in your area you can searching for a Local Shelter in the USA here:

Homeless Shelter Directory 

You can learn more about the Frederick Rescue Mission on these social media sources:

Facebook | Website | Twitter | YouTube


Foster Care To Success – Red Scarf Project

Recipients: Young Adults who are transitioning from Childhood in Foster Care (as permanent wards) into college and adulthood.

Donations Of: Red Scarves

Foster Care to Success - Charity Crochet - Red Scarf Project

Foster Care to Success – Red Scarf Project

Since 1981, Foster Care to Success has been helping young adults transition from childhood in foster care (as permanent wards) into college and adulthood successfully. For more than ten years, Foster Care to Success has worked with crocheters and knitters to send handmade care packages to college students through the Red Scarf Project.

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The Red Scarf Project has delivered over 25,000 red scarves to students as part of Valentine’s Day Care packages. Each year, Foster Care to Success accepts donations of handmade red scarves from September 1 through December 15 only.

Foster Care to Success asks for scarves that are at least 60” (152 cm) long and between 5” (13 cm) and 8” (20 cm) wide. Scarves must be predominantly red (in keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme), but they can include other colors, too. The scarves should have a unisex style and can include fringes. Yarn tails should be securely woven in, and, although Foster Care to Success doesn’t mention it, I would recommend a machine washable yarn since some college students are still coming to grips with laundry.

Foster Care to Success also recommends that you include a tag or a personal note, and messages of encouragement and gift cards are always welcome. And, of course, the scarf must be delivered by the December 15 deadline.

You can find shipping instructions and several free knitting patterns on the Red Scarf Project page.

Learn more information about Foster Care to Success on their Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


Feel Better Friends

The Feel Better Friends Project is an official non-profit organization. Feel Better Friends are handcrafted dolls made by volunteers worldwide for children who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

Feel Better Friends - Charity Crochet

Feel Better Friends

These dolls are handmade to resemble each child they are being crafted for. You can learn more about Volunteering and access the doll and wig patterns HERE.

Recipients: Children battling Cancer and other Illnesses.

Donations of: Handmade Dolls

The Dolls are made to resemble a child who is dealing with a traumatic health event. They are designed with the same hair and eye color as the child who will be receiving the doll.

4 Countries (USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Holland) are involved in this Charity at this time.

Facebook Volunteers In Training Group

Not on Facebook? Read this post for the information you need.

Find Feel Better Friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Ravelry.