When we can do something we love and help others at the same time it really is a beautiful and rewarding experience.

If you are interested in crocheting something for charity then you have come to the right place!

You will find many different charities and non-profit organizations included in our database; along with free patterns you can crochet for these causes.

You can also submit missing charities and non-profit organizations to our site easily – with a simple email.

If you are a Crochet Designer and you would like to let us know about a free pattern you have which would be perfect for charity projects – send me a photo to use and a link to the pattern and I will include your information in the listing too!

Let’s make a difference together. ♥ Rhondda

Crochet and Donate today!

Please remember each Charitable Organization has specific rules and regulations regarding which types of items, types of yarn and which crocheted items they will accept. Please be conscientious of this before buying your supplies, or mailing the Organization your completed items and check with them directly first 🙂 I cannot guarantee the validity and/or integrity of any of the organizations, or charities personally.  I recommend contacting each organization before you participate to be certain they are still in operation and accepting items.